The Sacred Valley

This morning we packed up our bags and are officially in the “roughing it” stage of our trip. We could only bring with us what we can carry on the Inca Trail. And today was jam-packed with adventure.

Our first stop was at Awana Kancha, which is a large community of native people (420 families) raising llamas, alpacas & some vicuñas and weaving the wool using very traditional methods. We had a great time feeding alfalfa to the animals. 20120124-151033.jpg20120124-151049.jpg20120126-145838.jpg20120126-145849.jpg

We then had just a quick stop to see the stunning panorama of the Sacred Valley. 20120126-150147.jpg20120126-150154.jpg

Next we made our way to Moray, an Inca ruin, where we left our UWO mark. This was our first introduction to Incan hiking.




After climbing among the ruins, we climbed on the bus for a harrowing, white-knuckled ride to Maras, the Peruvian salt evaporation ponds. There are more than 4,000 ponds that make up this area.





From the salt pond, we hiked down to the town where we met the bus that took us to a little chicheria called Descanso, which means “I rest” in Spanish. We played a Peruvian drinking game and tried the Chicha, a Peruvian corn beer.







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