Puno to Cusco

Sunday was a pretty quiet and uneventful day compared to most. We departed Puno at 8am and everyone was anxious to get to a lower elevation. We did have a big luxury cruising bus, so most people had their own seat and could stretch out a bit for the full day bus ride.

Our first stop of the day was at Abra La Raya, which means “the knot.” This is a point where the two ranges of the Andes meet and offers a picturesque vantage point. As with every stop we’ve made, there was also a small market where several student found great deals on baby alpaca blankets.

I myself wanted to purchase the actual baby alpaca, but since that wasn’t for sale, I had to settle for a baby alpaca sweater.


Our next stop was for a buffet lunch and a quaint little restaurant along the Urubamba River, also known as the sacred river that flows through the Sacred Valley of the Inkas and passes Machu Picchu on it’s way to joining the great Amazon River.


The next stop was at an Inka runs called Raqchi. We had a short tour explaining the importance of Raqchi (a very large community within the Inka empire) and then had about half an hour to explore the ruins. Our tour guide, Roger, (pronounced ro-yare) was very knowledgeable but hard to understand.




And once again, there was a market set up at the ruins where a local artisan did a quick caricature of Professor McGee and perfectly captured his essence.



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