Last day in Lima

Today is our last day in Lima and also the last class day. Our field trip took us to the PrestaClub, which is a microcredit institution focused on lending people money based on the value of their property. PrestaClub is not a bank though, but more of a fund comprising private investors who collectively lend money to individual property owners.


After the presentation, we had about half an hour to wander around a park-like courtyard just across the street.


We will be packing our bags tonight and we’ll head to the airport in the morning for our trip to the highlands. I’m not sure if we’ll have Internet access where we’re staying, so if I don’t post for a while, please be patient and know that we are continuing to have a great time.

Our upcoming week will take us to Arequipa on Friday, Puno and Lake Titicaca on Saturday, Cusco Sunday through Tuesday, we’ll be hiking the Inka Trail on Wednesday, exploring Machu Picchu on Thursday, and returning to Lima and then homeward bound on Friday. We have a very jam-packed week, so there’ll be lots to blog about if and when we have Internet access.


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