Backus Brewery field trip & dinner at La Rosa Nautica

Wednesday morning found us touring the largest brewery in Peru and one of the most modern brewing facilities in the world. Backus Brewery makes 14 different beers along with several soft drinks and bottled water products. And with a hold of 93% of the beer market in Peru, we were in for a treat, both figuratively and literally.

We were forbidden from taking pictures, so description will have to suffice. [edited: just got the photo on January 30]

We started with a video presentation of the company, which is part of the global SAB Miller group. We were then fitted with hard hats and taken on a complete tour of the facility and the brewing process. I don’t know exactly how much beer they produce annually, but they have six bottling lines. The line we saw produces about 850,500 bottles per day, and their fastest time produces one million cases per week. That’s a LOT of beer!


After the tour, we were taken to the tasting tent where we were treated with a large sample of two of their brews – Cusquena and Cusquena Malta. Cusquena is the premium brand and the only brand that is exported to the United States.

For dinner, almost everyone indulged in one last fancy dinner at the La Rosa Nautica. This restaurant sits at the end of a pier with the ocean waves becoming the soundtrack of the experience.


As with all of our meals, lots of sharing occurred because everything was delicious.


I ordered a traditional ceviche and Cody ordered a Ceviche Tiradito, which is basically sans the red onions. His was served with a very nice ají pepper sauce. Both were exceptional.



Another popular dish that many of the students shared was asparagus spears wrapped in a crispy cheese with an exquisite sauce.


Finally, for dessert, we had homemade Alfajores (a tasty Peruvian cookie) layered with Dulce de Leche a la mode. Sublime. Another dessert that a couple of students tried was the lucuma tart on a chocolate mirror. Beautiful and delicious.




One thought on “Backus Brewery field trip & dinner at La Rosa Nautica

  1. Yummy ! Food looks great! Did you actually taste all the food Michael ? You can prepare them for us once you come home !!!!!! Cynthia

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