Yobel SCM field trip

Tuesday morning we boarded the bus at 6am for a ride to the Yobel SCM Company.


We weren’t allowed to take any photos while we we there, but it was a very interesting presentation and tour. We were first shown a video about the company, which I think is here.

We were then split into three groups and were taken on tours of three areas of their business. We saw how they make costume jewelry, their logistics area, which included their major individual order packing of cosmetics and toiletries (Avon-style orders), and finally their cosmetics and toiletries area where they both make and package these items. They were making lipstick on this day and they were packaging shampoo and perfume.

The costume jewelry and the shampoo/perfume packaging were particularly fascinating to me as it’s all done individually. Each piece of costume jewelery is worked on by several people, and all of the labeling and boxing of the shampoo/perfume is done by hand. For example, the line working on the perfume had someone operating a machine to put the spray caps on, another person wiping the bottom of the bottle, the next putting the sticker on the bottom, a couple of others hand placing the large front labels on, someone opening and forming the boxes, someone putting the caps on and someone else placing the bottle in the box. And it’s all done very, very quickly. I personally thought this kind of thing was all mechanized by now.

The tour took longer than planned, so we only had a short time for lunch before class started, which was on Peruvian natural resources today. Since I don’t have pictures from the field trip, here’s a shot of the students hanging out in the courtyard before class.



One thought on “Yobel SCM field trip

  1. We are very proud of all of you, Yea Michael Calvert ! Bring us back some yummy chocolates or any other goodies you can bring back home to Oconto, Wisconsin ! Looks like good food and lots of interesting information you are getting. Love you lots , Cynthia. What a great experience for all of you !

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