Astrid y Gaston

Tuesday night, Professor McGee, his wife, Cody and myself went out for dinner at one of the best restaurants in all of South America, and the world, Astrid y Gaston.


It was quite an experience. Gaston Acurio is a celebrity chef who is credited with making Lima the gastronomic capital of South America. He now owns many restaurants throughout the world, but this is his flagship.

The meal starts with a basket a various homemade breads and a small amuse bouche (bite-sized appetizers). There were three on the platter and all were amazingly delicious.


Next came the main course. I didn’t ale pictures of the menus, so I don’t remember all of the names of our dishes, but everything was amazing. I had a dish with butterfish, Cody had a different kind of fish, Prof. McGee had seared tuna dish topped with coconut foam, and his wife had the summer saltado, a seafood take on the traditional Peruvian lomo saltado.





As you can see from the plating, it was almost like being served on Iron Chef. Everything was beautiful.

Next came dessert. Once again, I can’t remember the names, but hopefully the pictures can speak for themselves. We had a dessert of cannelloni filled with Peruvian peanut mousse on top of an apple lasagna (top picture). The little orange dots are an “orange and pepper roe” and was served with an aji pepper ice cream. Prof. McGee had a dessert with bananas (second picture) served with goat cheese ice cream.

The only name I remember is Barb’s dessert – The Sensitive Sphere, composed of chocolate and raspberry. The presentation of this dish required a video, which you can see here.




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