Lunch at Topara Organic Farm

The lunch that Klaus and Ilse provided is worthy of it’s own post. They prepared a very traditional Andean dinner called Patchamanca.

For this preparation, a very hot fire in built in a hole in the ground and then the food is placed in earthenware pots, covered with large banana tree leaves, layered with hot rocks and then buried. We were served cuy (guinea pig), chicken, rabbit, regular and sweet potatoes, fava beans, tamales and salad. And for dessert, we had peaches in sauce grown on the farm.







We all ate our fill and were impressed with how good the food was. Ilse said they like to cook in this manner, but this traditional manner of cooking is becoming lost and it’s hard to find the pots to cook in.



A final treat for the day was a chocolate made with the organic pecans from the farm.



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