Easy day on Tuesday

Class on Tuesday, January 10, 2012, was about international trade. Our instructor was pretty laid back and had a sense of humor, which made class kind of fun.


This is our classroom. It’s pretty much just like classrooms everywhere.

We were scheduled to go to the Ministry of Travel and Tourism in the afternoon but that trip was cancelled by the Ministry, so we had a free afternoon. Some of the students took the opportunity to either go for the first time or return for lunch at Punta Azul (previously posted about). I’d say this is everyone’s favorite place so far.

Some of us tried a small cafe, Manolo, for the first time. They serve a wide variety of sandwiches, pizzas and salads, and they are especially known for their fresh churros. I had a ham and cheese croissant and another student had the house supreme pizza.



The croissant was pretty similar to what you might find in the US, but the pizza was pretty different. Once again, it was all very delicious. Manolo is probably best known for their churros con chocolate. The chocolate is a very thick to chocolate (not quite as thick as pudding) that you dip the warm churros is. They also make churros filled with vanilla cream or chocolate, which is also quite indulgent.


After lunch, some of the students went shopping at the Indian Market and others went to tour the Monastery of San Francisco. The best estimate is that 70,000 bodies are buried in the catacombs.

I took the opportunity to return to my favorite park – Parque del Amor, which is a short 1.25 miles from the hotel.


This is the statue that sits in the middle of the park. There’s also a fence made of mosaics that encircles the park. The entire park sits on the edge of a cliff thawed overlooks the ocean. I joined the locals by hopping up on the fence and reading my book while looking out at the ocean.


One thing we’ve all found to be different here than in the US is the public displays of affection, not just in this park, but all throughout Lima. Although this park in particular seems to be a safe zone for kissing in public.


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