Class and Field Trip on Monday, January 9, 2012

On Monday, January 9, 2012, class was taught by one of the Universidad del Pacifico professors and was on money and inflation. The students were given a good overview of money and inflation, which prepared them for the more detailed Peruvian information provided by Marco Vega, Deputy Manager of Economic Research, during our visit to the Peruvian Central Bank.


It’s been good to see the consistency of the students’ time management skills. Every class day they spend their lunch break doing their homework.


For dinner, we all went to La Bodega de la Trattoria.



We all had a very good meal. I started with a small bruschetta with salmon, avocado and chives.


It was the perfect size for a starter. I then moved on to chicken and goat cheese ravioli in an ají cream sauce with toasted walnuts and parmesan (front). Other dishes show here were gnocchi with four cheese sauce (left) and spinach and ricotta ravioli with cream and mushrooms.


One of my favorite things about this group is that we all like going out together, and we’re all happy to share what we order so everyone can try different things. At the end of the meal, once we were done with our own meals, many plates were being passed around so we could all try different things. Everything was delicious. Including the créme brûlée, shown below.



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