Parque de la Reserva – The Fountains of Lima

Last night, we all went to see the magical circuit of water fountains in Lima’s Parque de la Reserva. The Magic Circuit was completed in 2007, and is quite an spectacle. There are a total of 13 fountains in the park with one holding the Guiness world record for highest water fountain.

You can read more about the Parque de la Reserva here and here.

As you’ll see from the pictures below, we had a great time at the park.





Each night, the park puts on a water and light show. You can see an example of the interesting lights in this short video and how they can manipulate the lights to make it appear there are dancers in the fountain in this short video.

One of the fountains was interactive. People can enter the fountain and try to navigate their way to the center and back out without getting wet. Our students, and Professor McGee, didn’t have much success.









You can see the fun the students had splashing about in this short video.

From there, we went to the fountain that holds the world record.




And the last picture from the night shows the girls working as a team to spell the word Peru. After this experience, I think they’ll all keep their day jobs as business students.



2 thoughts on “Parque de la Reserva – The Fountains of Lima

  1. This is Bryant’s mom. Looks like you have a great group having allot of fun. I love seeing the pictures and reading about your adventures and my mouth is watering over the Lima cuisine. Keep up the great Blog, Cindy

  2. Amy, I’ve been catching up on some of the posts I’ve missed. It just looks like you’re all having a wonderful time. What an experience!

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