Saturday’s cuisine

After the city tour, several of us went to a restaurant called El Punto Azul, which is only 2 blocks from our hotel. This place is very busy (we had a 20 minute wait when we arrived at12:30, and when we left, there were probably 30 people waiting out on the sidewalk to get a table) yet they are only open from noon-5pm each day.

Everyone was very happy that we went and waited the 20 minutes to get our table. The meal was fabulous.


I ordered the risotto with parmesan, shrimp and ají amarillo (yellow pepper – it’s in lots of Peruvian dishes and I’m completely in love with it!), which was a hit with everyone. I was the only one to order the dish, so I just passed it around so everyone could try it.

Other dishes that were ordered included a fettuccine with squid ink (delicious), several fish dishes and ravioli. And even though we were all stuffed from our lunches, I couldn’t help but order a slice of the lucuma cheesecake. We all just took a bite and passed it around the table. Everyone loved it and the two bites we each had was just the right amount of dessert. Lucuma is a delicately flavored tropical fruit native to the cool highlands of coastal valleys in Peru.



One thought on “Saturday’s cuisine

  1. Amy – that is exactly what I ordered there and Becca had the squid dish! Great job with the blog – I feel like I’m back there, exept I’m not. Tell Greg hi.

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