Friday food update

I’ve got a few photos to share from our meals today.

20120106-225712.jpgThis was my lunch today. I had a ham & cheese empañada, a chocolate chip cookie and a pear flavored water. The total came to 7.50 soles, which equates to just under $3. Not bad.

Having an inexpensive lunch makes it a little easier to splurge at dinner. Tonight, some of us went to a restaurant called Fiesta. It was amazing!

We were all served this nice little starter. I’m not positive what it was, but I think it was a fried duck paté inside of a little puff pastry. Very delicious.

For dinner, I had the ceviche a la brasa – traditional ceviche that has been given a quick sear before being served resulting in a slightly smoky, yet tender fish. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!

Someone else ordered this amazing dish, which included a ceviche of grouper and a whole crab. Fantastic! Bon appetit!


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