Classes have officially begun.

Today was our first regular day, which included class in the morning and a field trip in the afternoon. Professor McGee, our fearless faculty leader, taught the class today. He covered the history of Peru, covering everything from traditional Incan economies to the recent political election.

We then ate lunch at the school cafeteria. We were all very happy to see the options were plentiful and quite inexpensive. It was also good to see all of the students working hard to get their homework assignments done during the lunch break so they’d be able to enjoy the evening.

From there we boarded the bus and headed to the US Embassy. They strictly forbid taking pictures of any kind, inside or out, so we don’t have any pictures to share from the Embassy today. They did have someone taking pictures and I was told they’d get us a CD, so keep your fingers crossed! I’ll share them as soon as I get them.

The presentation at the Embassy was very interesting. There was a representative from each of the major sections who explained what their section was responsible for and gave some current examples of their work. The representative from the Economic department was a young man who attended UW Madison and has family in the Waupon and Waupaca areas. It was nice to see someone from so close to home who has joined the Foreign Service Office. He also discussed the process and reward he feels from serving his country and encouraged everyone to consider that for a career. It would definitely be an interesting life!

Another lady, who is at her fifth foreign assignment, was from the Commercial Services office. She creates relationships with local businesses and helps to facilitate the importing and exporting of goods.

There were also representatives from the Public Affairs office, USAID and the Politics office. The representative from the Politics office spoke quite a bit about the recent Peruvian election and how the new administration is working and cooperating with the US Ambassador.

One of the things I noticed today was how many things are the same here as they are anywhere. We were riding to the University this morning with our crazy cab driver and I saw people walking their dogs, jogging and pushing strollers. There are also several Gold’s Gyms and oddly, quite a few KFCs. It really just makes you think about how people are the same everywhere.


And for all of the foodies out there, some of us went out tonight to a place called Tanta.

Professor McGee and the girls enjoyed some very different and delicious fruit juice concoctions.

Our featured dinner selections included a popular Peruvian dish called Lomo Saltado (front), Anticuchón (right) and Tallarines Caseros (left). All of the dishes were excellent and left us all loving the Lima food scene.


One thought on “Classes have officially begun.

  1. Shannon, Hang on! Don’t panic! Ketch-up is on the way.. Mailed it this morning. It’ll be on the
    first Llama caravan leaving Miami tonight (1/6/12). I sent it EXPRESS DELIVERY. Due to
    arrive Peru.March 30. Hope thats not to late. Love, Dza!

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