The first day brings many firsts

Our first full day in Lima brought about many firsts. Most of us got to bed around 4am, so after getting some needed sleep, we headed to the Universidad del Pacifico for orientation. To get to the University from our hotel, we must take taxis. This is quite an experience. Once you flag a taxi down, you must negotiate the fare before getting in the cab. Once you settle on a price, you settle in for a roller coaster of a ride. They’re just plain crazy!

We all arrived in one piece and met our University hosts, Danny Gibbons, Shayla and Shirley. This is the ninth year that UW Oshkosh has been traveling to Peru and Danny has been hosting us from the beginning. The University del Pacifico is a private, nonprofit university that was established in 1962 and specializes in economics and business administration, both undergraduate and master’s level.


Here are a couple of pictures of the group at the University. We start classes tomorrow and I think we’re ready!

After taking a taxi back to the hotel, we all went for a late lunch at Las Tejas.

Many of us sampled a local beverage called Chicha Morado, a purple corn drink considered by many to be the national Peruvian soft drink. It looked like grape juice and tasted a bit like Chai.



Finally, I had my first taste of Peruvian ceviche and it was heaven!


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