Welcome to the Business and Economics in Peru blog

Thanks for checking out this blog. I am the assistant leader for the UW Oshkosh Business & Economics in Peru class that will be in Peru from January 3-28, 2012. I’ll be trying to post daily to share our experiences. I hope you enjoy your vicarious experience with us.

We’re now less than one month away from leaving and packing is at the top of mind. It’s interesting to try and figure out what clothes to take for such an extended trip, although I’m told laundry options are readily available. My guest bed is currently filled with various options that I’ll need to start paring down. The other big thing with packing is making sure you have all of your Rx and over-the-counter meds.

One of the things I’m most excited about is the Peruvian cuisine that we’ll experience. I’m a bit of a foodie and I’m a fairly adventurous eater – I’ll try anything once – so you can expect to see pictures and read about many of our dining experiences aside from our classes and field trips.

If you have any questions, please make sure to post a comment so I can follow up.


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